Instructions for artists – NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

Art Sophia Kuehn

Crypto art as NFT

NFT art is finally moving out of its niche and enjoying increasing awareness and popularity.

For female artists, especially in the digital field, it’s a great way to finally get something for their work and you can earn a percentage by reselling your NFT as an artist. For example, should you design a work and it suddenly goes viral, you earn something extra on each sale.

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Status March 2021

What steps are necessary for you as an artist to offer your works:

  1. Buy cryptocurrency
    1. ETH – Ethereum
      1. Ethereum’s native currency, ETH, can be used as digital money. Many also see it as a means of storing value, much like Bitcoin. However, unlike Bitcoin, the Ethereum blockchain is more programmable, so you can do much more with ETH.
    2. Buy eg: via
      1. Bitpanda, and many more
        1. Requirements
          1. Verification via webcam with an identification document (see respective provider)
          2. Authenticator app for sending to your wallet
            1. E.g. Google Authenticator
          3. Compare price of ETH (depending on time of day)
          4. Money…
  2. Wallet – digital wallet for this cryptocurrency: examples
    1. Online
      1. E.g. Metamask
    2. Hardware Wallet
      1. Recommendation / advertising, but I use myself. BitBox02 Wallet for Bitcoin
    3. Important: only you are responsible for your passwords, as soon as you don’t have the password anymore, you can’t get to your money, write them down and put them in a safe or similar.

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  1. First work of art has a great significance. Choose it carefully.
  2. Advertising!!!
    1. Twitter
    2. Instagram
    3. Clubhouse
  3. Patience

Example incl. Fees:

On 03/25/2021 I bought ETH for 200€ via Bitpanda, (credit card / fee), sent to Metamask (wallet), total at Metamask 177,13€, offered an artwork for sale at on 03/27/2021 – fee 54€. Additional works can be uploaded free of charge.

Total expenses: approx. 65€

This list does not claim to be complete or correct.

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On a personal note, feel free to follow me or give me ♥:
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